Chain-link fencing has been around since the mid 1800’s. The popularity of chain-link fence is due to its relatively low cost and ease of installation. A further advantage is that due to the open weave, chain-link fences are transparent, and do not obscure sunlight from either side of the fence. If more privacy from a fence is desired, this can be achieved by the insertion of slats into the mesh.

Chain Link Fencing in Orlando

Chain Link fence is a value-oriented solution for your fencing projects. Whether it’s residential or commercial, chain link fence is economical, long lasting, maintenance free and is mostly favored by state & local governments for the security it offers.
Superior Fence & Rail Inc is one of the largest manufacturers of chain link fences in Orlando. We have an entire inventory of fences for residential, outdoor playgrounds, sports fields & courts, farms & other industrial businesses. We also have many rental options available for temporary fence or construction fence.
Superior Fence & Rail Inc is one of the most reliable chain link fence provider in Orlando, Florida. We proudly stand behind our work and warranty all material and workmanship. Our team of professional installers is all licensed and insured and have years of experience working with chain link fencing.


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